Powering and Improving Immunotherapy

Stellar KLH Protects the Natural Marine Source

Multiple Immunological Applications

Extensive History of Use in Immunology

Stellar Biotechnologies

We market KLH, an immune-stimulating protein with an extensive history of safe and effective use . A versatile protein, KLH has been used as a carrier molecule or as an immune-stimulating antigen in drug-screening, drug immunotoxicology and assessment of immune status.

Innovative Aquaculture Science

Our achievements in aquaculture science have ensured the protection of the natural marine source for KLH.

Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin(KLH)

KLH is a key pharmaceutical ingredient used in multiple therapeutic vaccine candidates for cancer, immune disorders, Alzheimer’s and inflammatory diseases. KLH has been used for decades in diagnostic testing and research.

Years That KLH Has Been Utilized in Immune System Research

Animals Saved from Destruction by Stellar

Sustainably Produced and Blue to Boot

The brilliant blue color of KLH is due to its copper-containing properties.

To produce Stellar KLH, hemocyanin protein is extracted from its native source using Stellar’s patented process that protects the native source.

Protecting Future Supplies

Stellar KLH has been produced with environmentally sound, sustainable extraction methods.


“Stellar is committed to ensuring the environmentally sound production of KLH to meet the sustainability requirements of our our customers. ”


Multiple Product Formulations

Our customers have included pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations
as well as academic labs and individual researchers.


High Molecular Weight KLH

The native form of the glycoprotein; most commonly used when immune function is being assessed as well as other treatments, such as dendritic cell priming.


Subunit KLH

The native KLH molecule dissociated into subunits; commonly used in applications where the KLH is being conjugated to a peptide or other molecule.


GMP and Research Grades

Options for early clinical and non-clinical studies. All high purity, low endotoxin

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