Protective Aquaculture

Protecting the Giant Keyhole Limpet

Giant Keyhole Limpets (Megathura crenulata) are scarce, often solitary, marine mollusks that occurs along a narrow range of California coastline. No one knows exactly how many of these amazing creatures exist in the wild, but we know their population is being depleted.

Stellar KLH is produced from aquaculture rather than from sensitive wild populations

For 20 years Stellar has led the effort to develop aquaculture technology to  safeguard wild populations from over fishing.  Stellar KLH has been produced from domesticated populations of limpets.

Stellar marine biologists led efforts to domesticate Megathura crenulata, the  Giant Keyhole Limpet  

Our Unique, Ocean Front Location

Stellar’s innovations include specialized systems for spawning, larval development, and maturation of limpets, recirculating seawater supply systems and environmental controls featuring temperature controlled seawater distribution, filtration and treatment processes.